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EndNote: 6. Importing PDFs to create references

A guide to using EndNote 20


All PDFs you wish to import to create references must have a DOI.

DOI's are usually found in the citation details at the top of the article


or at the bottom of the first page

Importing PDFs and automatically creating references

Importing PDFs and creating references

If a PDF has a DOI (digital object identifier) EndNote can import the PDF or a folder containing several PDFs and automatically create the references. 

  • In EndNote go to File (top left toolbar) > Import > Folder (or File for a single PDF)
  • An Import Folder (or File) box will open



  • At the Import Folder/File option navigate to your folder or PDF
  • At Import Option > select PDF > Click Import
  • EndNote will import the PDF(s) attached to correctly created reference(s)