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EndNote: Add Full Text

A guide to using EndNote 20


If the Find Full Text function does not appear to work check that you have correctly configured EndNote:

Configuring EndNote to Find Full Text

Don't forget that you can attach full text manually! 

Full Text Options

Finding full text for your references

EndNote can find and attach full text articles to some references already in your library. You will need to configure EndNote to use this function the first time:

  • Open your EndNote library and follow the instructions in Configuring EndNote to Find Full Text. (You may have already configured EndNote if you installed it on your home computer).
  • Highlight the references for which you want to find full text (use the Ctrl key to select more than one reference).
  • Select References > Find Full Text > Find Full Text.  


  • A temporary Find Full Text Group will appear in the left plane, which will disappear when you close the library.
  • If EndNote is able to find the full text, it will be attached to your reference and a paper clip icon will appear next to the reference.  


  • To view the full text highlight the reference and click on the PDF tab. 

Attaching PDF files

If EndNote is unable to find full text, you can attach it manually:

  • Download the PDF file onto your computer or USB.
  • Select the reference, then the PDF menu

  • Select References > File Attachments > Attach File  OR right click and select File Attachments > Attach File.
  • Browse and select the PDF you wish to attach.


  • The check box is ticked by default to attach a copy of the file to the EndNote record, storing it with your library & creating a relative link. Only untick this box if you want to link to the original file on your computer (creating an absolute link & not allowing it to travel with your library).
  • Click Open.
  • The file will appear in the File Attachments field of the reference.  

Importing and Creating References from PDFs

If a PDF has a DOI (digital object identifier) EndNote can import the PDF or a folder containing several PDFs and automatically create the references

  • In EndNote go to File (top left toolbar) > Import > Folder (or File for a single PDF)
  • An Import Folder (or File) box will open


  • At the Import Folder/File option navigate to your folder or PDF
  • At Import Option > select PDF > Discard duplicates (if you wish) > Click Import
  • EndNote will import the PDF(s) attached to correctly created reference(s)

Note: All PDFs you wish to import to create references must have a DOI. DOIs are usually found in the citation details at the top of the article or at the bottom of the first page.

Reading and rating your references

You can mark your references as read by clicking on the grey dot which will un-bold the reference (to reverse simply click on the dot again):



To give your references star ratings: Highlight the reference > click on the required number of stars in the Rating column:


You can sort your results by clicking on the field heading you wish to sort by.  For example. you can sort by Rating (in either ascending or descending order) by clicking on the Rating field heading (as shown).


 You can also search your library for all references of a certain rating and/or from a certain year, author and more:

  •  Open the Search Panel



  •  Select Rating from the dropdown menu > choose the rating number of stars > click Search