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EndNote: 5. Export from the catalogue

A guide to using EndNote 20


When entering your terms in the catalogue search pane note that:

  • The first search field defaults to an Author search.
  • Click on the arrow to change this default.

Adding references from the Library catalogue

Adding references from the Library catalogue

To search the WA Health Libraries Network (WAHLiN) catalogue and export records into your EndNote library you need to use the WA Health Libraries Catalogue connector.

To install the connection file:

  1. Open EndNote.
  2. Click on the WA Health Libraries Catalogue connector link.
  3. Click Open - or it may automatically open within your EndNote library.
  4. In EndNote go to File > Save As.
  5. A dialogue box will open with the connection name WA_Health_Libraries_Catalogue Copy
  6. Click Save.

To use this connector to export records from the Library catalogue:

  • Open EndNote.
  • Click ToolsOnline Search 
  • A dialogue box will open.



  • Highlight WA_Health_Libraries_Catalogue in the dialogue box (press the w key to move to words beginning with w).
  • Click Choose.
  • The WA Health Libraries catalogue will now appear under Online Search in the left column (you may need to close & reopen EndNote first). Highlight WA_Health_Libraries_Catalogue.
  • Type your search terms into the search box this launches in the tab pane. Use the arrows to alter the fields searched.



  • Click Search.
  • Highlight the references you wish to transfer to your EndNote library (hold down the Control key to highlight more than one).
  • Go to References > Copy Reference To > and select the appropriate library.