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EndNote: Add References

A guide to using EndNote 20

How to add references to your EndNote library

Adding references to EndNote

There are several different ways to add references to your EndNote library.

Select the method you need from this list or the drop-down menu above:

  1. Manual entry - use when the source is only available in print or online export is unavailable.
  2. Direct Export from an online database - the easiest way to enter references from a database into your EndNote library.
  3. Direct Export from Ovid Discovery - adding references from your Discovery results page.
  4. Importing text files using filters - some databases do not have direct export options. You will need to import these references using filters.
  5. Export from the Library catalogue - use for adding references of books held by the Library.
  6. Importing PDFs to create references - automatically create a reference in EndNote by importing a PDF or folder of PDFs with DOIs.