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EndNote: 4. Importing text files using filters

A guide to using EndNote 20


If your required filter doesn't appear in the Other Filters list you will need to download it from EndNote Filters Webpage :

  • Find the appropriate filter from the EndNote Filters Webpage
  • Click on Download  > Open
  • The file will open in EndNote.
  • In EndNote go to  > File > 'Save As' > remove the word copy  > save
  • Close the filter file by clicking the small cross OR go to File > Close File

 MAC users - Select your required filter, control-click and choose Save Linked File to "Downloads"The filter will now appear in your "Downloads" drag the filter file into your Filters folder. Located 


Importing references using filters

Manually importing references using filters

If the database does not have a direct export option you will need to manually import the reference saved as a text file:

  • Save the references as a text file (.txt) on your desk top.
  • Open your EndNote library. Select File > Import > File.
  • The Import File box will open.



  • Import your text file by clicking Choose... and navigating to the text file > Open.
  • The file name will now appear in the Import File box.
  • Use the Import Option drop-down menu to select Other Filters.
  • The Choose An Import Filter box will appear.



  • Scroll down to your required filter, highlight it and click Choose. The Import File box will reappear.



  • You can decide to Discard Duplicates, then click Import.
  • Your reference(s) will now appear in the temporary window in your EndNote library.