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KEMH Medical Library: Mobile Resources

Mobile App Basics

All of the Library's electronic resources can be accessed via the internet on mobile devices by KEMH staff.  However, you get better results from resources specifically tailored for mobile devices.  This guide will focus on tailored resources for

                  Android       iOS       BlackBerry        Windows  


A website might be automatically 'simplified' for viewing on a mobile device or you may need to click on a link that switches to mobile view. Alternatively, you can use a Mobile App.

Mobile Apps

  • Mobile Apps usually have greater functionality than the simplified version of a webpage.
  • Some Apps require the mobile device to be connected to the Internet when used. Other Apps(e.g. Dynamed) download the content to the mobile device & can be used without Internet connection.
  • Some apps are designed for the Smartphone & do not work as well on tablets - this will be indicated in the download information.
  • Not all Apps are available across all operating systems - there may be Apps for Apple that are not available for Android & vice versa.
  • Apps for licenced resources require an authentication process before you can access the information.
  • Some Apps are FREE! to download, others require payment $                                                                                                         

Library Bookmarklets   

  • A Library bookmarklet allows you to access the Library's journals from home or work without having to go through the Library's website.
  • Bookmarklets are available for computers, laptops &  devices. For more information see theBookmarklets tabs in the Downloads for Mobile Devices box.                           

Downloads for Mobile Devices

Browse, read and monitor favourite journals on your mobile device with BrowZine

BrowZine Library              



1. Download the BrowZine App.  

2. Select Women & Newborn Health Service (or KEMH) from the list of libraries & login with your WNHS login & password

3. Your password needs to be reset when your WNHS password changes. Go to Settings & enter the new password.

4. You can then organise your favourite journals in the My Bookshelf area of BrowZine.  You will be prompted to create a BrowZine Account.  Once an account has been created you can sync your bookshelf with BrowZine Web on your work or home computer

If you experience any difficulties please contact the Library (M-F, 8am-5pm) on 6458 1499 or

BrowZine integration with EndNote Web is now available for !

From the Article view in BrowZine, EndNote now appears as a bibliographic management export option:


With a single tap, iOS users may export citation and PDF data directly from BrowZine to their EndNote library via EndNote Web. Note: You must have registered with EndNote Web. Contact the Library with any queries. See how to download BrowZine below. 


MIMS     MIMS for Android       $      iMIMS    $


Micromedex     Micromedex    FREE!

  • Click Download Mobile Apps (bottom right) for instructions


etg complete  ​  eTG complete  $


     LactMed (drugs, supplements & breastfeeding)   FREE!


     Feed Safe (Australian Breastfeeding Association)  FREE!


epocrates     Epocrates Rx   FREE!    ($ to upgrade to Epocrates +)


Davies Drug Guide    Davis’s Drug Guide   $



BMJ Best Practice      BMJ Best Practice          FREE!

  1. Register for "My Best Practice" account via your hospital computer.
  2. Download the appropriate App from the link above.
  3. Sign-in using your "My Best Practice" username & password.
  4. This App is large & slow to download.


DynaMed Plus       DynaMed Plus           FREE!

           Click on Dynamed Plus link above > follow the instructions


ClinicalKey        ClinicalKey          FREE

                 Click on ClinicalKey link above > follow the instructions found at the bottom of the document


Cochrane       Cochrane Library          iPad only FREE!


UpToDate     UpToDate          $ Individual subscription required


Hopkins Guides      John Hopkins POC-IT Guides           $ 


Diagnosarus     Diagnosarus 2.0           $

  • 1000+ differential diagnoses derived from McGraw-Hill's AccessMedicine.



  • Free app by WebMD.  Medications and drugs, disease reference tool, medical news and more.


PEPID    PEPID           $

  • Clinical decision-support reference app.  App is free to download, but requires in-app purchases (subscription)


     Electronic Preventive Services Selector (US)             FREE!

  • recommendations by patient's age, sex & selected behavioural risk



    Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists Guidelines          (min.)


Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine  Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine Clinical Guidelines                                                         

  • Free download for ACRRM members.
  • Available for all mobiles, tablets and computers.  Users need to purchase iSilo software for their device prior to downloading the guidelines. Details at the above link.                                                                            


ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus     ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus             FREE!


ACP Clinical Guidelines    American College of Pysicians Clinical Practice Guidelines         FREE!

 PubMed   PubMed for Handhelds FREE!


     Australian Bureau of Statictics   FREE!



    Unbound Medicine    $


  Skyscape Medical Library   eBooks $



     Lab Tests Online Australasia   FREE!


     WISER System for Emergency Responders    FREE!

  •   a system designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents.


      Radiation Event Medical Management (REMM)   FREE!


Calculators / Tools

       Skyscape clinical calculator     FREE!


        MedCalc         FREE!


       Medical Wizards Toolbox Series (+more)  $


      StatCoder (clinical tools)    many  FREE!


     Skyscape Reader   FREE!





Library Bookmarklet for Computers & Laptops

The Library bookmarklet identifies you as a valid WNHS Library user, allowing you to gain access to subscribed content from a journal website without first going through the Library website. 

Step 1: Set-up the bookmarlet 

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

  • Right click on this link: WNHS Library Proxy Bookmarklet 
  • Select Add to Favorites
  • If the security alert states "You are adding a favorite that may not be safe. Do you want to continue?" click Yes.




Step 2: Use the bookmarklet

  • When you want to download full text from a journal website that requires a subscribtion, click on the WNHS Library Proxy Bookmarklet in your Favourites.
  • This will add an authentication string to the web address which will enable you to link to the full text if the WNHS Library has a subscription to the journal.
  • If you are not on a WNHS computer, you will be asked to log-in with your HE number & WNHS password.
  • This will work for most journals. Occasionally authentication is more complex & you will need to go through the Library website.


Library Bookmarklet for 

The Library bookmarklet identifies you as a valid WNHS Library user, allowing you to gain access to subscribed content from a journal website without first going through the Library website. 

Step 1. Bookmark this page

  • Go to this page in your device & bookmark it.
  • Call it WNHS Bookmarklet
  • Tap Done.

Step 2. Edit the Bookmark

  • Tap the bookmarks button (open book) at the bottom of the screen (iPhone) or top of screen (iPad).
  • Tap Edit and find the WNHS Bookmarklet you just saved.
  • Tap the URL field & delete everything in it.
  • Copy this entire line of text into the URL address box:


  • Tap Done. 

Step 3. Use the Bookmarklet

  • When you want to access an article or ebook page on your device that denies permission, click the WNHS Bookmarklet in your list of bookmarks.
  • If the Library has subscribed to that content you will be able to log-in with your HE number & WNHS password.
  • This will work for most journals. Occasionally authentication is more complex & you will need to go through the Library website.


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How do I know if an App is reliable?

Check out reviews of medical Apps from:

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Access from Home or Other Sites

WNHS staff with KEMH on-site computer log-in can access the Library's online resources off-site using the same log-in.
  • If your on-site access is not working, please contact HIN.
  • If your access off-site is not working please follow the directions below.

WNHS staff located at another site, and staff from other WA Health sites temporarily working at KEMH will need to apply for EzProxy access via the following steps:

The form can only be accessed onsite:

  • Click on the Forms link top left WNHS Hub page.
  • Click IT Forms on left hand side under Other WA Health Forms
  • Under IT forms-frequently used (middle section) click on Computer access request (eHFN-030).
  • Log-in with your User Name (HE number) and Password used to access your work computer & email.
  • Click Change My Access.
  • From the Application Name menu select EzProxy 
  • Select King Edward Memorial Hospital.
  • Click Submit (bottom of screen).
  • If you experience any difficulties please contact the Library: