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KEMH Medical Library: Order a Book

Order a Book / Journal / DVD

Order a Book / Journal / DVD for Your Department


Order a Book for your Department

Use this form if you want the library to purchase books, journals or DVDs to be stored in your department and paid for from your cost centre. 

Please complete the details requested on the form, including the authorised officer and cost centre number.

Please indicate on this form if you think the Library should also hold a copy of this item.

Suggest a Book / Journal / DVD for the Library


Suggest a Book for the Library

Use this form to suggest a book, journal or DVD you think the Library should have.

Please provide a reason for your suggestion.

WNHS Book Purchasing Policy

Any purchase of books, journals or other information resources from WNHS funds should only be made in consultation with the Library, who will take responsibility for sourcing and ordering of the material where appropriate.

Where resources are purchased for the shared use of all WNHS staff, those resources will be sourced, ordered, paid for and made available by the Library. Where resources are to be acquired for the use of only one department/directorate, those resources will be sourced and purchased by the Library, charged to the appropriate departmental cost centre and delivered to the department.

All resources purchased through the Library must be returned to the Library at the end of their life for disposal. See the Procedure: Books, Journal and Other Information Resources (Purchase of)