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Research Tips: FAQs

Research tips, support, strategies and FAQs


Welcome to KEMH Medical Library's Research Tips guide. This guide contains concise explanations & short video tutorials to help you get the most from the Library's online resources and services. The Research Support and EBP tabs also provide links to relevant resources. Use the coloured tabs and drop-down menus to navigate this guide.

Choose from the following links to FAQs or use the drop-down menu on the FAQs tab above:

Which database should I use?

What's the difference between PubMed, Medline & Embase?

Why should I access PubMed & Google Scholar from the Library webpages?

How do I get an item the Library doesn't hold?

What is a Systematic Review & how does it differ from a Literature Review?

How can I use images from ClinicalKey in a presentation?

Images from the History of Medicine


Eugene Froment, 1884. Incubators at the Maternity Hospital, Port Royal, Paris. Image courtesy of National Library of Medicine (NLM).