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Research: Maximise Your Impact

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Register an Author ID

Create a unique researcher / author ID to link all your research, facilitate discovery, avoid misidentification and enable you to track your research for grant applications. Use the following free tools:

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Demonstrate Your Research Impact

Citation analysis

When applying for grant applications you may be asked to demonstrate your research impact via citation analysis (bibliometrics). Use Web of Science to create citation reports as a quantitative measure of impact - see Curtin University Library Guide. Other ways of counting citations:

Many databases now contain citation tracking information for individual articles including ScienceDirectHighwire PressCochraneBioMed Central

Calculate your h-index

The h-index is a metric designed to measure the productivity and impact of a researcher's work. The h-index is defined by how many of a researcher's (or group's) publications have each had at least h citations. So a h-index of 6 means that you have published 6 papers that have all been cited at least 6 times. You can use Publish or Perish or Google Scholar to calculate this for you. Or you can do so manually by locating citation counts for all published papers and ranking them numerically by the times cited in descending order (see below):


Altmetrics track web usage as an alternative measure of research impact. This can include abstract views & downloads; blogs & media coverage; social media such as twitter; collections such as ZoteroMendeleyCiteULike.