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Research: How do I search?

How do I search?

Choose from the following links to short video tutorials:

How do I search Medline, Embase or Emcare (Ovid databases)?
Video tutorials for each database that show you how to retrieve better results in the Ovid databases.

How do I search PubMed?
A short video tutorial that shows you how to retrieve better results from a search in PubMed.

How do I search Clinical Queries in PubMed?
A short video tutorial that shows how to use the Clinical Queries search tool.

How do I search the Trip Database
An introductory video showing how to get the most out of Trip

How do I search Google Scholar?
A short video tutorial that shows you how to retrieve better results from a search in Google Scholar.

How do I search ClinicalKey? 
A short YouTube video from the vendor. You may need to view this from outside WA Health.

How do I search ABS? 
A short video tutorial that shows you how to search the Australian Bureau of Statistics for health statistics.

How do I search BMJ Best Practice for Clinicians or for Students?
Short video tutorials that show you how to search BMJ Best Practice.

How do I search Discover?
Instructions from Ovid for using the Library's Discover Search.


Ovid News

  • Ovid Search Builder is now available for use on the Ovid platforms. This tool allows you to build expert search strategies starting with your own keywords. You can then apply a range of specialised filters. Click on the  Ovid search builder button located at the top of the Ovid search page. Contact the library for help using this new tool, or click here and scroll down to the Video Tutorials section for a short training video on the Ovid Search Builder.

  •  Another new tool you will now see in the Ovid Medline search window is the Term Finder. This tool is designed to help you construct your search.  Contact the library for assistance in using either of these new tools.