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Women and Newborn Health Library (WNHL): Somali Soomaali

A guide to consumer health information in the areas of women's and newborn health.

Somali Soomaali

General Women's Health   Caafimaadka Haweenka ee Guu


Breast Cancer    Kansarka Naasaha

Kansarka Naasaha  Screening mammography for women with a family history of breast cancer


Diet and Exercise   Cuntada iyo jimicsiga

Cuntada iyo jimicsiga  Calcium

Cuntada iyo jimicsiga  Eat more fruit and vegetables

Cuntada iyo jimicsiga  Iron


General Women's Health   Caafimaadka Haweenka ee Guu

Caafimaadka Haweenka ee Guu  Vitamin D 


Mental Health   Caafimaadka Dhimirka

Caafimaadka Dhimirka  Beyond Blue resource pack


Violence in the home   Rabshada guriga Ka Dhacda

Rabshada guriga Ka Dhacda  Family violence - information for women


Websites   Website-yada

Website-yada  Ethnomed patient education

information in Somali

Website-yada  Health Information Translations

Website-yada  Healthy Roads Media


Women's Cancers   Kansarada Haweenka

Kansarada Haweenka When did you last have a pap smear?

Pregnancy   uurka,  Birth   Dhalashada, Parenting   Ilmo-korinta


Pregnancy   uurka

uurka  Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy

uurka  Pre-eclampsia


Pain relief in labour   Qandho-jebiyaha Dhalmada dhexdeeda

Qandho-jebiyaha Dhalmada dhexdeeda  Epidural

Qandho-jebiyaha Dhalmada dhexdeeda  Pain relief in labour

Qandho-jebiyaha Dhalmada dhexdeeda  Your anaesthetic for caesarean section


Breastfeeding   Naas-nuujinta

Naas-nuujinta  Breastfeeding your baby


Immunisation   Tallaalka

Tallaalka  Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella - Information for parents


Child Development   Koritaanka Ilmaha

Koritaanka Ilmaha  The social baby


Newborns   Ilmaha Muluqa ah

Ilmaha Muluqa ah  SIDS - safe sleeping