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Coronavirus COVID-19: Resources


Use this page to locate current research literature on COVID-19. The information contained on this page is further to the daily updates provided by State and National Health agencies. See also some useful tips to help you access the literature from home. 

Feature Articles

Covid-19 Information Resources

PubMed saved searches are provided by National Library of America (NLA)

Click on the links to find the latest journal article citations on COVID-19.

For specific Pregnancy or Breastfeeding literature, see the next tab.  If required, the WNHS Medical Library staff can tailor a more specific literature search for your requirements.


COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) - DynaMed evidence-based disease summary. Includes an EBM perspective on treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

Create a personal user account in DynaMed to get alerted to any new topics or changes to the COVID-19 topics.  See here for more information.


Cochrane Library Special Collections

Full text access to COVID-19 article collections provided by various publishers

Literature specifically around COVID-19 in relation to Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Please note, the PubMed saved searches are provided by National Library of America (NLA).  If required, the WNHS Medical Library staff can tailor a more specific literature search for your requirements.


COVID-19 and Pregnant Patients - DynaMed evidence-based disease summary

COVID-19 AND Pregnancy - saved search TRIP


COVID-19 Information from Australian Health sources


COVID-19 Information from International sources


COVID-19 Medicines Information Fact Sheets - see also the Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Medicines Information Hub - COVID-19 tab


Australian Resources

Australian College of Midwives COVID-19 - collection of useful resources for midwives and the women in your care

Australian College of Nursing  - COVID-19 resources

Nursing and Midwifery Board - COVID-19 guidance for nurses and midwives

SURGE Critical Care Courses - Rapid upskilling in high dependency & critical care for registered nurses

Training more nurses for critical care - Australian Government funding for new online education packages


International Resources

Royal College of Nursing COVID-19 - Information for RCN members

Coronavirus (COVID-19): articles and resources - Mark Allen Group Journals (BJN and BJM)

Nursing Standard COVID-19 



Medicines Information


Multilingual COVID-19 resources

The MyAus COVID-19 app has been developed by the Migration Council of Australia (MCA) for Australia's culturally and linguistically diverse communities to provide information about COVID-19.




Standards and Regulations

Access from Home or Other Sites

WNHS staff with KEMH on-site computer log-in can access the Library's online resources off-site using the same log-in.

WNHS staff located at another site, and staff from other WA Health sites temporarily working at KEMH will need to apply for EzProxy access  - please see How to Request EzProxy Access

Useful tips for accessing literature at home

There are several ways you can use your internet browser at home and be identified as a valid WNHS Library user for full text access to articles that would otherwise have a paywall.  

Browser Extensions - LibKey Nomad and Kopernio

Browser extensions are blocked from within WA Health, but will work on PCs outside the network (note, they don't work on tablets).  LibKey Nomad and Kopernio are browser extensions that embed their icons at the article level for single click link out to full text.  These extensions will only link to full text where the journals are held by the library, or the articles are open access.  Where the full text is not available please check the library's Journals A-Z list as the article may be available via a different source, and if not you can link through to the library's document delivery service.

  • LibKey Nomad consults the library holdings data to determine if and where an article is available.
  • If no holdings are found, LibKey Nomad checks for freely available articles.
  • If no access is available, you will be linked through to the library's document delivery service. 

To download Libkey Nomad to your PC browser, go to Chrome Web Store and follow installation instructions. 

Once LibKey Nomad is installed you will be prompted to select a library - select "Women and Newborn Health Service Library"


Kopernio works similarly to LibKey Nomad.  The Kopernio browser extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.  Again, this extension is not available for use at work.