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KEMH Medical Library: Library News / Technical Updates

Resource News

News about updates/changes to the resources you access through the KEMH Library

July 2019.

  • With Apple's upcoming release of macOS Catalina, all 32-bit application support will cease.  This has an impact on EndNote.  EndNote X9 will be extensively updated prior to the launch of Catalina, so if you have X9 installed on your Mac, please install all EndNote updates as they become available.  If you are running X8 or earlier, we recommend upgrading to X9 as your current version will not work with macOS Catalina.  For further information please visit EndNote Support.
  • DynaMed Plus has transitioned to a new version on August 21, 2019.  The mobile app version will be upgraded on Monday 26th August.  If you have any problem with you mobile app, please contact the library.
  • The default version of Medline has been changed from Ovid MEDLINE(R) 1946 to July 23, 2019 to Ovid MEDLINE(R) and Epub Ahead of Print, In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations, Daily and Versions(R) 1946 to July 23, 2019.  Contact the library for more information.

Technical Updates

The latest information about technical problems you might be experiencing. Can't find the answer here? Ask Us!

Websites not displaying properly?

The Library website and other external websites operate better in the  Chrome browser. 

Most WNHS computers have Internet Explorer (IE) as the default browser.  IE should only be used for WA Health applications (like iProc) that still require IE to operate.  Use Google Chrome to access the library's resources (as well as general internet use).

You can either 1) change the browser default to Chrome, or 2) open the Chrome browser and 'pin' it to the task bar for easy access in future.

To change the browser default to Chrome 

  • Go to Default Programs from the  Windows menu 
  • Select Set your default programs
  • Click on Google Chrome in the list of Programs
  • Click on Set this program as default, then OK

To 'pin' Chrome to the Taskbar 

  • Open up the Chrome browser
  • Right mouse click on the Chrome icon in the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen
  • Select Pin this program to taskbar

Note:  These settings will not 'travel' with you to other computers, but will need to be set up in your profile on each computer you use.

If you must use IE then scroll down for information on Compatibility View.

June 2019

Pop-ups being blocked?

By default, Google Chrome blocks pop-ups from automatically showing on your screen.  When a pop-up window is blocked, the Pop-up Blocked icon   can be seen at the right of the address bar.  Sometimes the pop-up window is required to view necessary content.

An example of this occurs when accessing Neofax from the Micromedex website.

To allow pop-ups from a site, click on the blocked pop-up icon.  Select the Always allow pop-ups option and then click Finished


Page not building correctly?

Press Control with F5 to force a refresh of the page. Or click 

Also see Clearing Cached Items tab

Why do I receive a Warning when trying to access Library resources at WA Health?

Many websites, databases and Internet browsers have moved to more secure addresses beginning https instead of http. The Library has updated its website to reflect this. You therefore should have no difficulties accessing Library resources from home. However, IT server settings at WA health have not been updated.

If you receive the following warning  

  • Click ADVANCED
  • Then click Proceed to (unsafe)
  • If you still can't access the resource please contact the Library:  

             ext 81499

I'm using IE11- why can't I access some Library resources at WA Health?

The Library website works well with all modern browsers. At WA Health you might experience problems using IE11 since it may be deployed in 'Compatibility View' to work with a small number of clinical systems that can't be viewed in modern browsers. To solve this:

  • Click  (top right) > click Compatibility View Settings
  • Untick 'Display intranet sites in Compatibility View'
  • Better still - use the Chrome browser!

How to clear browsing data including cached items

It is a good idea to clear your browsing data from time to time including cached items so that you access the latest version of webpages.

In Chrome:

  • Click   (top right) click History > History
  • Click Clear browsing data


  • From the drop down menu choose "the beginning of time" > tick the items to delete(including those highlighted above) > clear browsing data

In IE11:

  • Click on Tools (top left) > Delete browsing history > tick the required boxes (e.g. first 4) > Delete

Page not building correctly?

Press Control with F5 to force a refresh of the page. Or click 

Generically logged-on computers

If you are using a generically logged-on computer you may become frustrated by the frequent pop-ups requesting you to log-on, especially if using IE11.

Solution: use Chrome as your browser.

This will limit pop-ups and allow access to our subscribed resources. However, you will still be blocked from accessing the Internet.

Page not building correctly?

Press Control with F5 to force a refresh of the page. Or click 

Also see Clearing Cached Items tab

Image result for jama network

May 2018

Having problems viewing JAMA Network journals at work?

If you are using Google Chrome as your browser you may find the first time you link through to any of the JAMA titles the website doesn't load properly.  Closing down the browser and trying again usually solves the problem.  If not, try clearing the cache (see Clearing Cached Items tab).


If you are using IE11 as your browser (not recommended for library resources) it may be due to the browser being in 'Compatibility View' at WNHS. 

To solve this:

  • Click  (top right) > click Compatibility View Settings
  • Untick 'Display intranet sites in Compatibility View'
  • Or use Chrome as your browser!


Still not working?

If you cannot resolve your problem, please contact the library on 6458 1499 during opening hours, or send us an email.  


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