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Wound Management: Live Literature Searches

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Last 12 Months Only

Search here for the targeted set of references in English, in a hospital setting, from the last 12 months only.


Broad Search

Search here for a more extensive set of references on the general topic of Wound Management. (Note: not limited by language, date or setting.)


Australian Context

Search here to limit results to those in an Australian context. (Note: this is the more specific search, limited to an Australian context. Not limited by date.)



Search here for references for guidelines on Wound Management. (Note: this is the more specific search, limited to guidelines. Not limited by date.)


Quality Improvement

Search here for references about Wound Management with a focus on health service quality improvement. (Note: this is the more specific search, limited to a quality improvement focus. Not limited by date.)



Search here to limit results to Wound Management studies that are reviews. (Note: this is the more specific search, limited to reviews. Not limited by date.)


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